Best Youtube Channels for Banking Exams Preparation

Best 5 Youtube Channels for banking exams | SBI PO 2019


Today India Tops in mobile data uses in the world. One and only reason behind it is Jio low price plans. Mobile Data used here is mostly for watching videos on Youtube. A student living in remote area has access to internet and is also preparing hard for bank exams similar to a guy studying in big cities, investing lot of money for taking coaching classes. So now you don't have any reason of not being successful. Whatever you want to learn there's everything on Youtube. So follow these 5 best youtube channels for banking exams.

 Can we clear banking exams watching Youtube?

Depends, what you watch on Youtube. If you are following a Youtube channel which is made just to gather your views will definitely ruin your time and career. However if you follow these listed 5 channels, there are good chances of your selection. I will explain which Youtube channel you should follow separately for the Subjects which come in banking exams.

Best 5 Youtube Channels for banking exams

1. Infinitesimal: It is the best youtube channel for clearing banking exam for both pre and mains. You will get high level questions of mains level which mostly comes in mains exams. No youtube channel will teach you high level reasoning and Di that comes in Sbi po mains. He also solves questions that people face problem in test series. You can interact with him as he has less subscribers on youtube and take suggestions from him.

2. Adda247This YouTube channel covers all the subjects. You will receive around 10 videos daily on all subjects. This YouTube channel is good for banking awareness and computer awareness. Though all other subjects are also good in this channel, but we will provide other channels for other subjects.

3. Banking chronicle: He is great, if you want to increase your speed in reasoning section for banking exams in Pre. He has many tip and tricks that will definitely help you score high in reasoning section.

4. StudyIq : This channel has so many topics to focus on. But you need to focus on general awareness from this channel. Because we have already provided various channels for those subjects. General awareness section of this channel will be very helpful for you in clearing bank exams.

5. CAF: Current Affairs Funda Youtube channels has a good and focused content. It has short videos which are good for practice. They provide videos on regular basis.

 Best channels for those who do not get Hndi language

1. Meritshine: This is one of the best Youtube channel for those who are preparing for banking examinations in english language. There are good amount of videos with good value and content.

2. Freshersworld: If your quantitative aptitude basics are weak , you can follow this channel for it. It covers all the topics from basics of quantitative section.

3. Talentsprint: Here you will get all the topics that comes in banking exams. It is very old channel and has a lot of videos that are very informative.

4.Feel Free to Learn: The guy who teaches on this channel has good knowledge about reasoning puzzles and reasoning section of prelims level. If you are new in banking exam preparation you can definitely follow this channel.

NOTE: English can only be improved when you read. Try attempting two reading comprehension daily. This will surely boost your score in English section.


  1. Wow ! very good work I have ever seen

  2. you should have mentioned in your blog that most of these channels are hindi speaking channels and provided an alternative channel to be more inclusiveof all the other aspirants who don't know hindi.

    1. Thankyou for comment. I will add english speaking channels to this post soon.


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