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SBI PO 2019 New Exam Pattern | Best Strategy to score High in 20 minutes

Best Strategy to score High  in 20 minutes in SBI PO 2019Pattern has completely changedfrom the time when we were given a complete one hour to do whatever you want to do or we are good at. Now we have 20-20 game which we need to play very smartly. If you go through these points you will definitely find your score boost in mock test or in real exam SBI PO 2019.

Mistakes that students often do during exam 1. Overthinking : When you go through the memory based questions asked in exam on Youtube , do not expect those set of questions in your exam also. If you made up your mind according to the memory based questions there are high chances you will get panic during exam when you get different set of questions which you could have solved easily if it were your mock test.
2. Lesser Energy : When you enter your examination center do not let your energy level go down by taking stress. Try to be happy and keep yourself live, you can talk to the guys sitting beside you to light up the mood.
3. Qu…