SBI PO 2019 New Exam Pattern | Best Strategy to score High in 20 minutes

Best Strategy to score High  in 20 minutes in SBI PO 2019

Pattern has completely changed from the time when we were given a complete one hour to do whatever you want to do or we are good at. Now we have 20-20 game which we need to play very smartly. If you go through these points you will definitely find your score boost in mock test or in real exam SBI PO 2019.

  Mistakes that students often do during exam

1. Overthinking : When you go through the memory based questions asked in exam on Youtube , do not expect those set of questions in your exam also. If you made up your mind according to the memory based questions there are high chances you will get panic during exam when you get different set of questions which you could have solved easily if it were your mock test.   

2. Lesser Energy : When you enter your examination center do not let your energy level go down by taking stress. Try to be happy and keep yourself live, you can talk to the guys sitting beside you to light up the mood. 

3. Questions selection: Most student do this mistake and regret after the time is over. You have to make your pattern of solving questions during your mock test practice. I will talk about it in detail at last.

4. Rush: When your exam supervisor asks you to start your examination you rush towards the questions, that is the most shouted 30 seconds of the examination. So you need to make yourself calm and start when there is silence or someone personally comes to you and ask you to start. Because each second is important for your selection.

5. Attitude: When you are stuck into some questions and wasted 5 minutes thought start coming to your mind like my exam is over now and i can not clear this exam but i will solve this question anyhow. This kind of attitude will never help you in clearing these exams. Learn to skip when you get stuck. 

Best Questions to attempt at first  


Topics that are asked in English section:
  • Fillers/double fillers
  • Cloze test
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Sentence rearrangement/replacement   
  • Error detection   

You get 20 minutes for 30 questions in this section, per question time is given more than other two sections. So you have to score minimum 16 marks in this section. For those whose English section is not that good make sure you have to give more time on every question and do not try to solve all the questions. Eliminate the options to reach at your correct answer on every questions.

Attempt fillers first which takes less time comparatively. When you have secured 10 marks from fillers and cloze test give 2 minutes to the sentence rearrangement. If it is easy do it otherwise mark only first and the last sentences of sentence rearrangement question which you can find easy. Then move to reading comprehension and go through vocabulary questions first and do it. If it is short passage read it and try to solve questions based on it. At last go to the error detection part and only mark those in which you are 100% sure.  Always keep in mind you do not have to mark all questions.      


Topics that are asked in quantitative aptitude section:
  • Simplification/approximation
  • Missing/wrong number series
  • Data interpretation (Bar graph/line graph/table/pi chart)
  • Caselet DI
  • Arithmetic/miscellaneous word problems

When you enter this section during exam you will definitely see word problem as your first question. But do not try to solve word problems in the beginning, you might be good in word problems but it will take much more time than easier topics that are asked like simplification,DI and number series. So in first 5-6 six minutes solve minimum ten questions of simplification/approximation and number series. Doing so you will gain confidence which is most important during exam and your speed of solving and picking right questions will increase.
While solving DI try to note down given values in your rough sheet so that you do not need to look for the values in all the questions of a DI every time. Like if it is bar graph note down the values in your rough sheet, it will hardly take 1 minutes but at the end of 5-6 questions you will save 2 minutes definitely. Always keep in mind accuracy is the key.


Topics that are asked in reasoning section:
  • Syllogism
  • inequality
  • coding decoding
  • Blood relation
  • Direction
  • Puzzles 
  • Miscellaneous 

In this section there will be minimum four puzzles of 20 marks so you should give good amount of time on practicing puzzles. In exam if you manage your time and speed you can score 30 marks in 20 minutes. Do not try puzzle at first , it can trap you in the beginning. so do not take risk. First solve inequality and syllogism questions which are very easy. Take 7-8 minutes to solve these 13-15 questions. Give 12-13 minutes to solve puzzles, choose easier puzzles at first and then go to the tougher puzzles. You can easily solve 3 puzzles in this time.

Give some quality time to strategise for your exam. Its equally as important as your studies.
Do experiments in mock tests by implementing your strategies. Choose which strategy fetch you higher marks, go with that in real exam. Always be calm during exam.



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